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            RICOM Group founded in 1958  
            RICOM owned four Wholly-owned subsidiaries: 
                          Fujian Forecam Co., Ltd.(Military Products BU), Fujian Forecam Optics Co., Ltd.(Civilian Products BU)
                          Fujian Forecam Optical Technology Co., Ltd., and Fujian Forecam Tiantong Optical Co., Ltd.
            Company Scale: registered capital of 135 million CNY and over 2000 employees. 
            Business Scope: Optical glasses, CCTV lenses, DSC lenses, and FA machine vision lenses.
            Annual Manufacturing Capacity: 96 million piece of optical glasses and 12 million pcs of lenses.
            Fully qualified for R&D and manufacturing the military products.
            TOP 5 CCTV Lens Supplier, honored as TOP 100 Chinese Security Companies, recommended brand for the national 
            Safe City construction.
            Occupied the highest market share in China from 2010 to 2014 continuously, and we are keep on going...

            Information preview of exhibition—ISC WEST 2015
            ISC WEST 2015     Add:201 Sands Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada 89109-2617 Date: 15th-17th,AprL,2015 Booth No.:6097 Related Links:www.iscwest.com/    
            1 Information preview of exhibition—ISC WEST 20152015-01-274815
            2 Information preview of exhibition—SecuTech Taipei 20152015-01-274879
            3 Information preview of exhibition—SPS 20152015-01-274290
            4 Information preview of exhibition—IFSEC International 20152015-01-274572
            5 Information preview of exhibition—CPSE 20152015-01-278268
            Fax: +86-591-83302603 (Sale Dept.)
            Cooperation Partners
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            Tel:+86-591-3813 3777     Fax:+86-591-3813 3775(Sale Dept.)     Email:sales@www.absoluthek.com
            Add:No.158,East Jiangbin Avenue,Mawei District,350015,FuZhou,P.R.China   Code: 350015